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Title : The Austin & Ally Story Season 1 Episode 10 Part 2
Description : Skylar: What do you mean?
Vanessa: Serenity always does something at a boys house. Example when she went over our house,connor & serenity got a little hot in connor's bedroom.
Jessica: (Raises a eyebrow)
Trish: Oh my god. Serenity didn't get pregnant did she?
Vanessa: Nope. Connor used protection.
Everyone: Phew!
Trish: Wait. How do you know all of this?
Vanessa: Let's just say,Never leave your damn door open when your having sex.
Everyone: (Eyes widen)
Vanessa: What?

*At Austin's House*
Austin: (Takes popcorn out of microwave,Puts in bowl)
*Austin wears this*-/cgi/set?id=103483836
Serenity: (Knocks on door)
Austin: Coming!
*Serenity wears this*-/serenitys_date_with_austin/set?id=103483415
Serenity: Hey austin!
Austin: serenity you look.....Amazing.
Serenity: Thanks austin. You look pretty cute.
Austin: (Crooked smile) Thanks
Serenity: So what are we watching?
Austin: The Conjuring
Serenity: I love that movie!
Austin: Well let's watch it!
*Jessica,Skylar,Trish & Vanessa are hiding behind austin's living room window in disguise,whispering**
Trish: Vanessa do you have your phone?
Vanessa: Yep. Trish do you have your camera glasses?
Trish: (Pulls them out of her purse,puts them on)
Jessica: What are we doing again?
Vanessa: Really jessica?! were seeing if serenity does something sexual with austin!
Skylar: Oh yeah.
*Back inside*
Serenity: (Turns off tv)
Austin: What was that about?
Serenity: Listen austin,Remember when we broke up?
Austin: Yeah?
Serenity: I didn't mean to....Austin i had a crush on you ever since we broke up....
Jessica,Skylar,Trish & Vanessa: (Whispers) Oh no.
Austin: Serenity........I'm with ally
Serenity: But,Just a kiss?
Austin: Just a kiss.
Serenity & Austin: (Kisses,Deepens it)
Trish: Oh god what are we gonna do?!
Serenity: (Lays on top of austin on the couch,Still kissing)
Jessica: This is really bad!
Vanessa: (Records) Sh!
Skylar: (Quietly) Ally is not gonna be happy...
Austin: I totally forgot your a good kisser
Serenity: (Giggles,Takes off jacket,unbuttions his shirt,kisses)
Austin: (Kisses)
Trish: Ally deserves better than austin!
Jessica: Preach.
Austin: (Fingers in serenity's hair,pulls away)
Austin: Ally isn't gonna know about this is she?
Serenity: It's our little secret (Smiles,continues kissing)
Vanessa: Yeah. For now. I think we seen enough.
*Jessica,Skylar,Trish & Vanessa Leave*
*At School*
Trish & Vanessa: (Walks up to ally,With a computer & a phone)
Ally: Oh hey guys
Vanessa: (Bites lip) Ally...We have to show you something.......
Ally: What is it?
Trish: (Shows video)
Ally: (Teary) I-I thought i could trust him. (Runs to the bathroom crying)
Jessica: (Walks up) You guys showed her the video..........
Skylar: (Walks up to them) We should go after her....
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